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Shop and Establishment Registration in Rajasthan
Every Shop and Commercial Establishment are compulsorily required to get Get Registration of Shop Act in Rajasthan, for Obtaining Shop Act registration some information and Documents are Required form the Applicant and a Prescribed form and Declaration is Required to be filed by the Applicant to the Department.
Information Required for Shop and Commercial Establishment Registration:
1. Name of firm
2. Address of Firm
3. Name of Manager, if any
4. Nature of Establishment: Nature of shop, Like Clothing Store, Furniture Store
5. Number of Employees in Establishment
6. Day of Holiday, etc
Documents Required for Shop and Commercial Establishment Registration :
1. Passport Size Photograph of Employer
2. Photo of the shop along with owner
3. List of Management Employees (.xls format)
4. Rates of Wages (.xls format)
5. Details of Employees working in Establishment (.xls format)
6. Employee Weekly Holidays(.xls format)
7. Address proof of Establishment [Copy of shop™s rent agreement (if on rent) or Shop™s ownership document proof (if the owner of the shop)]
8. Affidavit (Declaration Form)
9. Photo ID (PAN Card/Driving License/Aadhar Card/Passport)
The Registration can be obtained for a minimum period of 1 Year and Maximum Period of 5 Years ( at the time of Application), the Registration can be renewed afterward.

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