The Law Firm is extensively experienced in criminal law matters and litigation.

The Firm advises it’s clients in dealing with white collar crime issues. We advise clients during investigation, pre-investment due diligence, due diligence on a target entity in India and its promoters, framing policies conducting compliance workshops and advising clients on other contentious matters (including litigation).

We represent clients for Bail applications before the High Court as well as the Supreme Court.

We also provide advisory services to our clients on strategic issues such as corrective actions and voluntary disclosures.

We have represented clients in cases related to cheating, frauds and criminal law and have availed favourable decisions from the Court. It is always advisable to seek for the best professional advise in case of criminal laws as it involves intricate complexities and a small fact can lead to an acquittal.

Legal Dekho Services has been providing legal services and legal representation in criminal law related matters to domestic and international clients.

Our Law Firm ensures that NRI’s do not face any problems in filing or defending a case in Indian.

The main aspects of the Law Firms expertise in this field involve:

Bail, Anticipatory Bail and Quashing of FIR
– Complaint by an NRI living abroad
– Filing Exemption application from personal appearance before Court –               Negotiable instrument Act : Section 138 Cases
– Security Frauds and Cheating
– Cheating, Forgery, Misappropriation
– Extortion
– Rape , Sexual Harassment
– Illegal Grabbing of Property
– Bank Fraud
– Attempt to Murder
– Matrimonial Criminal Offences including 498-A and Domestic Violence – Criminal Intimidation, Trespass
– Child Trafficking
– Passport Fraud
– Serious Crimes including Murder, Kidnapping
– Lodging of FIR and Complaint cases

Our Other Practice Areas

Our office provides an extensive range of Legal Services to Domestic and NRI (Non Resident Indian) clients, keeping in mind the difficulties faced by them in search of a proper and efficient lawyer.

Some specific categories of Legal Services culled out with regard to the both Domestic & International Client’s are given below

– Administrative Law
– Adoption ( International & Domestic )
– Agricultural Law
– Alimony
– Animal Law
– Appellate Practice
– Arbitration
– Assault
– Asset Protection
– Banking & Finance
– Banking Law
– Battery
– Business Law
– Business Litigation
– Child Abuse
– Child Support & Custody
– Child Visitation
– Civil Litigation
– Constitutional Law
– Construction Law
– Consumer Law
– Contracts
– Copyright
– Credit & Mortgage
– Criminal Defense
– Criminal Law
– Murder
– Naturalization & Citizenship
– Negligence
– Nonprofit Organizations
– Patents
– Personal Property
– Pre-nuptial Agreements
– Probate
– Professional Liability
– Project Finance
– Property Law
– Property Management
– Public Finance

Debt Relief
– Debtor & Creditor
– Defamation, Libel & Slander
– Divorce
– Domestic Violence
– Education Law
– Environmental Law
– Estate & Trust
– Extradition
– Family Law
– Finance
– General Practice
– Government Contracts
– Information Technology
– Informed Consent
– Inheritance Law
– Intellectual Property
– International Arbitration
– International Trade
– Islamic Law
– Landlord & Tenant Law
– Litigation
– Mass Tort
– Medical Law
– Medical Malpractice
– Motor Vehicle Accidents
– Rape
– Real Estate
– Securities
– Separation
– Torts
– Trade
– Trade Investment
– Trade Secrets
– Trademark
– Weapons
– Will
– Workers Compensation
– Wrongful Termination

- Mario Puzo

White-Collar Crime Matters

We advise our clients on all aspects of criminal investigations and proceedings, whether at an institutional or individual level. The Firm advises clients on issues relating to the Prevention of Corruption Act and the Money Laundering Act. We also advise our clients on issues pertaining to corporate and accounting fraud; insider trading; data privacy, protection, and security; corporate compliance, etc.

We help our clients conduct internal audits and create appropriate risk mitigation strategies, defense in investigations, criminal trials and appellate proceedings before courts, corporate investigations and general advisory in relation to wrongdoings attributed to promoters and other employees, proceedings to protect personal liberty, blacklisting proceedings and cancellation of contracts.